Paranormal Romance

Firestorm by Donna Grant

5 out of 5 stars

This is the 10th book in the Dragon Kings series by Donna Grant and I loved it! Dimitri never stood out to me… I honestly don’t even remember him at all before this book. It’s been a long while since I’ve read about the Dragon Kings but still.  I kind of love him.  He hated humans and never wanted to mate but as soon as he met Faith he changed his mind.  Yes it’s cliche but what I loved about this book was that he didn’t fight it the whole damn book.  A lot of these books have the couple fighting each other until the end and that’s annoying.  Faith and Dimitri get together pretty much right away and I am totally okay with that.  Actually I prefer that.  I liked seeing them work together and I like that they didn’t hide their feelings and just accepted that they were into each other.  Why fight it? It’s a time of war.  Take what happiness you can.

Now the storyline.. you know besides the romance.. I am not sure how to talk about it with out giving it away. So I’ll just say that things take an interesting twist.  And things are getting interesting with Con. 

As always Donna Grant’s writing is fabulous.  This story has been going on forever and it’s still just as interesting as it was with the first Highlander book. I love that the warriors and druids get mentioned.  I just love Donna Grant and this whole world.

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