Fantasy Romance

Fantastical by Kristen Ashley

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5 out of 5 stars

“Does this mean I’m a princess?” I asked He started at me looking annoyed for a second then he sat back and signed, “That’s what usually happens when a woman marries a prince.” ….. “Oh my God, I’m a Princess.”

This is the 3rd book in the Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashley. This is a series where people from our world have a “twin” in the Fantasy world. Each book is different but in each the main character gets switched with the twin from the fantasy world. In this book Cora wakes up and she is in a dream like world. In fact she thinks she’s in a dream. She has to learn to adapt very quickly. Cora is one of my favorite heroines of all time. She is brave, funny, lovably and is nice to everyone. The Cora of the fantasy world was hated by all so this Cora had to deal with people literally spitting on her. She hated that people hated her but she turned everything around and made the people love her just by being herself. Most of the time when a character is overly happy it annoys me but Kristen Ashley did an amazing job at making an annoyingly nice person 100% lovable.

I also really loved Tor. He was a jerk in the beginning but listening to someone you married say they are from a different world would be hard to believe. Especially when you hate your wife like Tor hated the other Cora. This is the first book where the couple spent time in our world and it was so much fun to see Tor realize that he was wrong and all the stories she’d been telling him were true.

This was such a fun read and I highly recommend the whole series.

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