Fantasy Romance

Rendezvous With Yesterday by Dianne Duvall

I hate that I took so long to get to this book!! It was fabulous. And I didn’t realize that it was about the girl that Marcus (from Dianne’s Immortal Guardian series) was in love with basically his whole life. It makes what he did even more heartbreaking. Now obviously that was never mentioned in this book but it was cool to know some back story to the characters. And holy crap did I love the characters. I loved all the side characters but most of all Beth and Robert. They are one of my favorite couples of all time. They are everything I strive for in my own relationship. Honestly they were perfect in every way. I am beyond in love with both of them.

Short and sweet review but I think if I go on I will just end up saying “I love Beth. I love Robert. I love them as a couple. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!” So freaking fantastic book. I think it’s my favorite that I have read this year!!

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