Fantasy Romance

Atlantis: The King’s Return by D.K. Combs

3 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

So I did really enjoy this story.. but there were quite a few things that bothered me about it. Not huge things that took away from the book but enough where it drove me crazy.

The story itself was fantastic. I loved it. I love books about Atlantis. Ambrose was super sweet and kind.. especially for a man that was tortured for 2000 years. I think that Mari was good for him because she was so bubbly and I just think that helped him.

So I liked the idea behind this story. I love that a mortal woman was shipwrecked and saved a merman and in turn he saved her by turning her. I love that! Such a freaking cool premise.

A couple things that really, really bothered me though:

One thing that I did not like was where the author broke off chapters. I feel like a lot of the chapters ended in the middle of a thought. That just seemed off to me. The second thing was Mari… She wasn’t a terrible character, she was just dumb. She kept asking if mermaids farted.. I mean she was obsessed with it. It annoyed the ever loving f*ck out of me. The third thing was the world building was terrible. There really wasn’t any at all.

So overall, good book. I just wish that I knew more about the world. I feel like it was very relationship based.. which is 100% fine with me.. except when the book is in freaking Atlantis, I want to know about that shit!

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