Historical Romance

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

2 out of 5 stars

Rating: 2 out of 5.

The first half of this book made me ill. Tatiana was such a child. Before we found out her age I thought it was a preface and I thought Tatiana was 13-14.. but no she’s a day away from being 17. So first negative there. They find out that Germany is invading Russia and Tatiana just wants to read and do cartwheels. She is sent to get her families ration of food and she can’t remember what she is suppose to get.. so naturally she got some ice cream.. DUH. And that is where we meet Alexander. He watches her eat her ice cream and then follows her on her bus.. not creepy at all. blah blah they talk and eventually he ends up taking her home where we find out that Alexander is seeing Tatiana’s sister. Cool you would think that would be the end of Alexander and Tatiana… or Alexander and her sister but nope. Alexander keeps seeing the sister and he walks Tatiana home every day after work. So they are seeing each other behind the sisters back. And they are falling in love.. instead of breaking it off with the sister Alexander continues to see both even though he doesn’t feel the same way towards the sister as he does Tatiana. Honestly I wanted to kill both of them. I want to punch a lot of characters but I haven’t wanted to actually kill one in awhile.

Halfway through the book gets a little bit better. Not really good but better than the disaster the first half was. I won’t say anything because I’m trying to keep it as spoiler free as I can but I was just bored the whole book and it’s a long freaking book.Alexander also turns into an asshole. They fight over the dumbest stuff. I just couldn’t do it.

2 stars is generous. I wanted to put the book down every 5 mins. I could not stand how they went behind her sisters back. I kept reading because this book was recommended to me by so many people. I figured it had to get better. It did not.

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