Young Adult

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

4 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was good. Do I think it is way over hyped? Absolutely. I feel like when a book is talked about as much as this one is, it sets the bar at an impossible level. I have started this book 3 different times and I had a hard time getting into it. I was just expecting more I guess. BUT it was a great book. The world building was superb. Seriously some of the best I have ever read. Once I got about halfway into the book I felt like I was in the book but I was a tad bored until then. I also think that some of the characters switched sides too much… Not sides exactly. But I guess the way they felt about magic. It’s good, bad, too powerful, destroy it, spread it around.. There was just a lot of flip flopping and the Prince was the worse one with the flip flopping.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a fantastic book and I am looking forward to the next one.. although I will probably forget it by next year.. But it just wasn’t all everyone said it was.

Paranormal Romance

The Thief by J.R. Ward

3 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I both liked and hated this book. I am extremely happy that Jane and V figured out their shit.. even though they have done that before and fell back into disaster so lets hope it sticks this time. But I generally love them as a couple and as separate people. So I am happy that they are happy. And I am happy that we kind of see a “sweeter” side to V. Sweeter isn’t the right word. But I can’t think of what exactly I mean. He becomes more open in this book. So yay.

Now for Sola and Assail.. I just did not like them. Assail.. well I guess I kind of liked him. He was sweet and never failed in his love for Sola. I mean he lied and hid things but he was always up front with his feelings so thats good. Sola.. oh Sola. I loved her before this book. She was strong and her own person. In this book she was a bitch. I hated that she refused to go back to see a dying Assail. She got better int he middle. But then when she found out about vampires.. I wanted to kill her. She was terrible. So yeah I just wasn’t a fan of them here. I hope in a book later on will help me like them better.

Besides the characters.. the story was good. The new evil is interesting… a little creepy with Throe basically fucking a book but to each their own. I hated how this book ended. There are so so many questions. I feel like nothing was resolved. Hell even Sola and Assail’s relationship isn’t perfectly resolved. At least not in my eyes. They are together but I just feel like the end was so rushed. After I finished I didn’t feel satisfied with the ending. I will say that I am SO offing excited for Murhder!!!

Contemporary Romance

The Wright Love by K.A. Linde

4 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am so excited that I got to read this book. Sutton is such a strong woman. I am utterly amazed by her. I love how she slowly took control of her life and her happiness. David was also an amazing character. He was so sweet and he took everything at Sutton’s pace. I am in love with him. I think they are perfect and I am loving how their relationship is coming together.

Now I will be honest.. I have only read one of the other stories about the Wright family.. which you do not have to read the others to enjoy this one.. BUT it makes me want to read all the others.(seriously I just bought all the other ones) I am completely obsessed with the Wright family. They are so supportive and loving of each other. I need to know each and every one of their stories.

This book will make you cry.. I mean I cried a lot.. and that ending!! Major cliff hanger but Linde told us that ahead of time and the second book comes out at the end of the month so there isn’t a long wait.. yeah not long.. Im not crying for the second book right now.. not at all.

ARC was given to me by the author.

Paranormal Romance

A Taste for a Mate by Carrie Ann Ryan

2 out of 5 stars

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I had a lot of issues with this book but honestly it was a lot better than I thought it would be. So that’s something. Willow was a terribly weak character. She gets kidnapped, collared and beaten because Jasper’s scent was in her bakery. She doesn’t care. She finds out werewolves are real.. again she doesn’t care. Jasper bites her and makes her come in front of the enemies and his family.. she’s embarrassed but says nothing about it. Jasper made her his mate without asking.. she doesn’t care. She has to close up her bakery.. doesn’t care. Do you see a pattern? She just takes whatever is thrown at her with out so much as a word. Like literally she doesn’t say anything about any of it! OH and the worse thing she does happens towards the end. They get back to their home from finding a dead body in the woods. They get into a fight and she runs back out in the woods. TSTL! I can’t.. I really just can’t handle her.

I liked the Redwood pack though. To be honest I don’t remember reading the first book… But I rated it with 1 star. the only reason I picked this one up was because it was free.. and I will read the next one (it’s also free) because I enjoyed the pack and I kind of want to see how the next one plays out. I know it’s MMF.. so Im interested.