Paranormal Romance

The Thief by J.R. Ward

3 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I both liked and hated this book. I am extremely happy that Jane and V figured out their shit.. even though they have done that before and fell back into disaster so lets hope it sticks this time. But I generally love them as a couple and as separate people. So I am happy that they are happy. And I am happy that we kind of see a “sweeter” side to V. Sweeter isn’t the right word. But I can’t think of what exactly I mean. He becomes more open in this book. So yay.

Now for Sola and Assail.. I just did not like them. Assail.. well I guess I kind of liked him. He was sweet and never failed in his love for Sola. I mean he lied and hid things but he was always up front with his feelings so thats good. Sola.. oh Sola. I loved her before this book. She was strong and her own person. In this book she was a bitch. I hated that she refused to go back to see a dying Assail. She got better int he middle. But then when she found out about vampires.. I wanted to kill her. She was terrible. So yeah I just wasn’t a fan of them here. I hope in a book later on will help me like them better.

Besides the characters.. the story was good. The new evil is interesting… a little creepy with Throe basically fucking a book but to each their own. I hated how this book ended. There are so so many questions. I feel like nothing was resolved. Hell even Sola and Assail’s relationship isn’t perfectly resolved. At least not in my eyes. They are together but I just feel like the end was so rushed. After I finished I didn’t feel satisfied with the ending. I will say that I am SO offing excited for Murhder!!!

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