Fantasy Romance, Magic

Druid Vices and a Vodka by Annette Marie

5 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the 6th book in the series, so if you have made it this far then you don’t need me talking you into reading this book or the next.  But just in case you do.. READ IT! If you haven’t started this series..DO IT!

I can not say enough good things about this series or really any of Annette Marie’s books.  I think she is completely underrated as an author and more people should be talking about her books.  Her skills with storytelling are unreal and she has written some of my favorite characters to date.

In this book Tori has alot going on right from the beginning.  And.. well dang I can’t even talk about it with out giving away spoilers.  That’s the problem with writing a review for the 6th book in a series.  But this book is filled with so many ups and downs.  We get to see the Ghost again and I freaking love the Ghost.

Many, many secrets were revealed.  Lives were lost and some saved. So many emotions ranging from happiness to heartbreak.  Loyalties were tested and betrayals I didn’t see coming happened.

This book was intense and I wouldn’t change a single word.  July 10th can not come fast enough!

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