Historical Romance

Nothing Compares to the Duke by Christy Carlyle

5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I loved this book!

Arabella and Rhys were childhood friends. They did everything together. Until her 18th birthday. Arabella realized that she saw Rhys as more than just a friend and Rhys broke her heart. We jump forward 5 years. Rhys is is a scoundrel of the worst kind. He throws wicked parties and dallies with way too many woman. His father dies and he is now the duke and has too many responsibilies.

Arabella has turned down 5 proposals. She has plans of her own and none of them include getting married. Her family wants her to get married. So to advoid this she inlists Rhys help. They will pretend to get engaged to get her family to back off and she will help Rhys with his ledgers and his sisters first season.

I loved seeing these two grow back together after 5 years of not talking. Arabella was such a strong female lead. She wanted her Independence and Rhys soon realized that he was a cad and that he wants her.

I have loved each book in this series. Christy Carlyle has a way of writing very flawed characters but making you love them even more for it. I highly recommend this book and this series in general.

Thank you netgalley and publisher for an early copy.

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