Contemporary Romance

Paradise Cove by Jenny Holiday

4 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am so glad we got Jake’s book! I needed his story. I knew this one wasn’t going to be as light of a read as Mermaid inn because of Jake’s past. But there was still humor and lots of heat in this book.

Jake is a grumpy handyman. I mean not an actual handyman but he fixes everything! He has a close group of friends but doesn’t talk much. I loved him. He may not have been talkative but he was an incredibly sweet man. Nora is a city girl who wanted to switch up her life. She met Jake while he was getting his hair braided.. Honestly one of the cutest “meet cutes” I’ve ever read.

This book handles a pretty tough subject extremely well. The feelings were sincere. I personally haven’t gone through what Jake did but I could feel his emotions. Jenny Holiday did a phenomenal job making the characters real. She was able to mix raw emotions with enough humor to make this book the perfect balance.

I 100% recommend this book and this series. And honestly anything this author writes.

Thank you so much Forever Publishing for the early copy!

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