About Me

Hi! My name is Megan or BookWifeReviews on most social media platforms.  I live in Indiana with my husband and my two kids. I have a 3 year old, who is a wild child and a 2 month old who is the chillest baby I’ve ever seen. We lucked out with him.

I work full time in finance, which is boring but it pays the bills.  I am also lucky enough to have a position where I can listen to audiobooks for most of my day. I love to read physical books but I don’t have a whole lot of free time at home.

I read YA, NA, Fantasy, Si-Fi, romance.. I will read almost any genre if it has a little bit of romance. If I am not reading and my children aren’t acting like hooligans, I love to play video games.  Skyrim is my all time favorite and I will replay it forever.

I can’t wait to meet people who love books as much as I do!